Individual students create frozen images with their bodies. Each actor improvises imagined worlds, characters, and actions according to a prompt, with little to no preparation time.

Sample National Core Art Standard Alignment (opens in new window)


Anchor Standard 1:

Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.


Anchor Standard 4:

Select, analyze and interpret artistic work for presentation.

Ideas for Curriculum Integration

  1. Students can make snapshots to convey their understanding of key ideas and details of stories such as characters, conflicts, or plot sequence (English Language Arts).
  2. Students can make snapshots to portray the lives of historical figures (Social Studies).
  3. Students can make snapshots to embody social problems and solutions (Health).
  4. Students can make snapshots to represent natural phenomenon (Science).
sad clowns
“Early Ringling Bros. clowns” by Double–M

Ideas for Differentiation


Students can scaffold toward snapshots by engaging first in Move-and-Freeze. Hold the freeze for a shorter period of time. Snapshots can be shared with ½ class at a time to support performance confidence.


Students can collaborate with a partner to create pair snapshots, sculpted snapshots, or narrated snapshots. More advanced students can collaborate to create tableaux. When students share their snapshots, ask the audience to make observations and interpretations.

Snapshot Strategy Handout