Students use hand held percussion instruments and/or body percussion, applying the elements of music to interpret and present their ideas.

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Anchor Standard 2:

Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.


Anchor Standard 10:

Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experience to create art.

Curriculum Integration Ideas

  1. Student can interpret characters and settings through Playful Percussion (English Language Arts).
  2. Student can use percussion instruments to create soundscapes that describe the characteristics of a place through Playful Percussion (Social Studies).
  3. Student can play percussion instruments to express feelings (Health).
  4. Student can use Playful Percussion to create patterns through rhythm (Math).
Postings on a pole with one saying MUSIC
“music” by craigCloutier

Differentiation Ideas


Students can explore a variety of sounds and instruments through free-form noise making, or using steady beats. Direct students to explore simple variations (e.g. loud and soft, fast and slow).


Provide learners with the challenge of creating syncopated rhythms. Students can work together to sequence or layer their sounds to create compositions (AB or ABA), rounds, or call-and-response.

Playful Percussion Strategy Handout