STEMS² Symposium 2023

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Nā Hopena A’o and Next Generation Science Standards: Exploring their Co-existence in Science Classrooms


In the world of education, there is an endless conveyor belt of new strategies being sent to teachers in the ever-evolving school system. In the public school system, many educators are challenged with the task of accepting new mandated methods of instruction while still adapting to the changing needs of their students. Teachers may get lost in the diaspora of changing procedures, so it is essential to work with intention when employing new systems in learning spaces to ensure they are brought to life effectively. Currently, in the State of Hawai’i, teachers are being heavily encouraged to base their practices in the Nā Hopena A’o Framework, while science teachers specifically are strongly urged to utilize Next Generation Science Standards. Being that these two frameworks derive from vastly different backgrounds and were created with different ideas in mind, this paper aims to explore the driving factors, intentions and grounded application of Nā Hopena A’o (HA) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) to further address the research question. “How do the educational frameworks of Nā Hopena A’o and NGSS coexist in science classrooms?” Through analysis of case studies and coding via thematic analysis, findings revealed what elements are needed for symbiotic success and critical questions about further implementation.

STEMS² Pillars: Aʻo, Makawalu, Sense of Place


June 28th, 2023, 9:50am–10:50am HST

Location: Posters & Partners (Gather.Town)