Hawai‘i Territorial Senate, 1958 Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Compelling Question

Can failure in the past be progress in the present?

Baldwin High School Campus, 1944 HSPLS

Supporting Questions

  1. Examine the various bills meant to reinvigorate Hawaiian-language study in the public schools throughout the territorial period. Which ones eventually became law (Acts)? Which ones remained bills?

    Source:  School Legislation – Hawaiian-Language

    Formative Task

    1. On a large piece of paper in small groups, create two columns with one labeled “Passed” and the other “Failed.”
    2. Next, review each language bill and determine if it passed or failed. Record in the appropriate column.
  2. Review your list. Discuss what it means to keep trying to achieve a goal despite constant failure.

    Source: School Legislation – Hawaiian-Language

    Formative Task

    • Share your experiences – Have you often given up after one try? What keeps you trying to accomplish something despite challenges and obstacles?