Kalakaua Day Regatta Hawaii State Archives, Photograph Collection, PP-5-5-007.

Compelling Question

Can your identity be a form of resistance?

Baldwin High School Library, 1944 HSPLS

Supporting Questions

  1. According to her life history, what are some clear examples of her expressing her Native identity and pride?

    Source: HH40 Life History

    Formative Task: Complete a storyboard of six examples from HH40’s life history you
    believe most effectively reflects her Native pride.

  2. What do these expressions of her Native identity and pride tell us about how she resisted cultural assimilation and maintained her Native identity during an era hostile to Hawaiian culture and language?

    Source: HH40 Life History

    Formative Task: Building off of the storyboards, compare with a classmate or in a small group share your thoughts on why you chose the ones you did and which one(s) impressed you most as an effective example of resisting/defying assimilation.

  3. A Native Hawaiian graduate of McKinley HS (1927), what are key takeaways from Charles W. Kenn’s essay, “I am a Hawaiian” (1935), and how can we understand them in relation to examples from HH40’s life history?

    Source: C.W. Kenn, “I am a Hawaiian.” Paradise of the Pacific 59, no.7 (July 1935)

    Formative Task: Write a reflective essay inspired by both HH40 and Kenn’s writings on
    maintaining cultural identity as a form of resistance.