The NSF funded course prepares teachers to write and assess curriculum integrating Hawaiian and 21st Century STEM that supports learning and engagement of all 4th-8th grade students with an emphasis on Native Hawaiian students.

Even if you’re a UH student, MYUH isn’t yet able to enroll you, so Outreach forms and grant paperwork are attached.  You receive 3 credits of EDCS 433 Interdisciplinary Science Curriculum and/or EDCS 632 Qualitative Research Methods if you’ve completed EDCS 433 tuition-free.

Enroll now to Feb. 1, 2016.
Hawaiian translators support your selection of Hawaiian language resources for curriculum development.  Field-based, experiential learning is provided by practitioners. You will identify local resources and issues then write, teach, and assess at least one lesson with real-world STEM applications relevant to post-secondary programs and career pathways.  Lessons will be collected into an e-book for dissemination.

Curriculum aligns with NGSS and HIDOE Science Content and Performance Standards.  Content focuses on: Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and Engineering, Technology, Science, and Society

Help to develop and refine a survey tool to assess the impact of integrated STEM instruction on student engagement, interest, and academic achievement. The project provides a model of PD that sustains traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), Indigenous languages, and recognizes the critical role of teachers as cultural translators.

Class meetings:  Jan. 16-18, Feb. 13-15, Mar. 18-20, Apr. 23-24, May 31, and June 6-10, 2016.

For syllabus and more information on enrolling, contact Pauline Chinn at or call 391-9931.

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