Aligning Plan B – Professional Portfolio Evidence with Program Standards

There are a total of ten program standards. They are designed to support the development of leaders in the field of early childhood education. All students must provide evidence of meeting the minimum requirements for Standards 1 through 5. Plan B students must choose at least two other standards that they will address in their Plan B Portfolios.

Alternately, a student may design his/her own standard that explores an area of ECE in more depth in consultation with her advisor.
Each standard has SLOS and is divided into a number of benchmarks. At least two exemplars for each standard (addressing at least two of the benchmarks) should be included in the portfolio. There are five required exemplars: one from each of five core courses.

The final portfolio is submitted the semester after students have completed all required coursework.

Portfolio entries and the final portfolio are rated with rubrics that evaluate the content, demonstration of competencies, and ability to communicate ideas in scholarly writing:

  1. Unacceptable — portfolio evidence does not adequately demonstrate essential competency in addressing the standard/ILOs/benchmark
  2. Acceptable* — portfolio evidence demonstrates that candidate demonstrates essential knowledge, skills or dispositions relative to each standard/SLO/benchmarks
  3. Exceeds Expectations — portfolio evidence demonstrates the candidate’s exceptional knowledge, skills or dispositions relative to the standard/SLO/benchmarks chosen

*A rating of 1 is required for work submitted as evidence for each standard.