Contents of the Professional Portfolio

The Plan B – Professional Portfolio is submitted digitally to the MEd ECE Program in the Curriculum Studies Department using the MEd ECE Laulima Dropbox. The digital capstone includes: 1) a Plan B Portfolio Record Sheet, 2) a Professional Portfolio Narrative; and, 3) an Exemplar Collection which includes in order the collection of exemplars the student is submitting as evidence. All drafts of documents and the final copy are submitted digitally.

Overview of the Professional Portfolio Components

The portfolio consists of a digital copy of the final documents uploaded on to the MEd ECE Laulima site. It includes 1) a Plan B Portfolio Record Sheet, 2) a Professional Portfolio Narrative; and, 3) an Exemplar Collection. The MEd ECE Professional Portfolio is divided into narrative sections and addresses the 5 core and 2 or more elective ECE Standards which are recommended areas of competency within the field.

A. Plan B – Plan B Portfolio Record Sheet

A completed scoring sheet that clearly:

  1. Identifies benchmark(s) addressed by each exemplar
  2. The organizing code (e.g. 1.A, 1.B) and name of each exemplar. This should match the labeling in your narratives and in the exemplars uploaded into your dropbox.

B. Plan B – Professional Portfolio Narrative

The Professional Portfolio Narrative will contain the following items in the order listed:

  1. A Title Page that is formatted according to Curriculum Studies Department requirements. (See sample). A signed hard copy must be submitted for program completion.
  2. A Table of Contents listing by page number all the items in the Portfolio.
  3. An Introduction that contains:
    • A biographical statement including a discussion of who you are as a professional as you begin the program and what led you to pursue this masters degree. Share your passions, gifts, and goals coming into the program. Include a self-assessment of yourself as a knowledgeable, effective and caring professional.
    • The broad philosophical beliefs that ground your practice as a professional
    • An overview of the portfolio and an explanation of why you chose the two additional standards that you addressed.
  4. 7 Reflective Statements, one for each of the five required and two elective standards chosen. Reflective statements should:
    • Provide a general overview your knowledge, dispositions and competencies as an early childhood educator relative to the standard
    • Identify each exemplar and the benchmark(s) the exemplar addresses.
    • Describe the artifacts submitted for each exemplar. Within 1-2 paragraphs briefly describe what you have submitted as evidence.
    • Explain why the exemplar was chosen and how this demonstrates essential knowledge, skill and dispositions relative to the benchmark(s) identified. Entries should include what was learned through engaging in the activity that led to your exemplar, thoughts on the effectiveness of your practice, and how the experience will impact your future professional practice or endeavors.
    • Provide a closing summary assessing your current knowledge and ethical issues related to the standard, as well ass directions for future learning and professional growth in this area.
    • The narrative should include abundant citations from professional literature that make evident how your practices are informed by many credible sources in the field.
  5. A Conclusion that contains a summary reflection of your journey and growth. Your summary should highlight:
    • themes that emerged in the process
    • areas of significant challenge and growth as a leader and contributions you have made
    • next steps in your professional journey
  6. An Appendix containing:
    • A Bibliography of sources cited in the document in APA format.
    • An Exemplar List noting each accompanying exemplar by code and name (codes are numbers or letters so the reader can identify and find the item (e.g., 1.1, 2.2…). There should be consistency between this list and the labeling system used in your Professional Portfolio Narrative, your Portfolio Assessment Record Sheet, and Exemplar Collection pieces submitted in your MEd ECE Laulima Dropbox.
    • Professional résumé or curriculum vita.
    • Program of Studies listing all courses taken as part of the program.

** Ethical Considerations: When including your journal entries or other personal reflections, do not use actual names of teachers, principals, students, schools, etc. If your work is not original, cite the appropriate references. Be sure to include your ethical reflection for each narrative and in your summary.

Download a summary of this information

C. Plan B – Exemplar Collection

Your Professional Portfolio Narrative is accompanied by the collection of exemplars that you are offering as evidence of your growth and competencies. These should be clearly labeled so that your advisor and 2nd reader can locate with ease the evidence that supports your narrative statements. You will include:

  1. A Portfolio Assessment Record Sheet that catalogues exemplars providing evidence for each standard. For each standard you will need to collect 2 or more exemplars that demonstrate a breadth and depth of knowledge across multiple benchmarks/ILOs of each standard.
    • Note each exemplar by name and an identifying code.
    • Identify which benchmarks are addressed by each exemplar.
    • Briefly explain your exemplar’s relevance in the exemplars box for each benchmark.
  2. A digital copy of each of your exemplars for the five core and two optional standards uploaded in folders. These should be clearly labeled and organized by standard in your MEd ECE Laulima Dropbox.