Graduate Certificates Program of Study

Curriculum Studies offers a number of graduate-level programs that culminate in the awarding of a certificate. These programs are available to classified graduate students who are enrolled in one of the master’s or doctoral degree programs and non-degree-seeking students. Certificates require a minimum of 15 credit hours of specified courses and a 3.0 GPA in those courses. A minimum of nine credits is required for courses numbered 600 or above (excluding 699 and Thesis 700). Students may study for the graduate certificate, with or without the MEd-CS degree. Graduate certificates will appear on students’ transcripts, but do not result in state licensure.

A culminating experience is required. The certificate program will determine the nature of the experience. It may be an examination, a special course, a seminar presentation, a paper, a performance, or some other capstone experience.

The Department has five graduate certificates:

  • Ethnomathematics
  • Literacy Leader
  • PK3 (not currently offered)
  • Reading K12 (not currently offered)
  • Teacher Leader
  • Sustainability & Resilience Education (under review)