STEMS² Symposium 2021

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Poster Presentations (Day 2)

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Self Study: Peeling away the layers


One indigenous teachers perspective of how her beliefs, the things she says, and the things she does impacts her students’ success. Using self study to look at trends in teaching that may be impacting students’ learning through reflection of oneʻs dialogue with others, self evaluation rubrics, and writing to peel back the layers of who one is as a teacher. Rather than writing a traditional thesis paper, this paper represents a collection of writing as a result of the process of peeling back the layers integrated with relevant literature. A collection of poems were written to represent findings and each one is followed up with an implication of how that poem/finding impacted past and current teaching.


STEMS² Pillars: Aʻo, Makawalu, Moʻolelo, Sense of Place, Advocacy


July 1st, 2021, 9:05am–10:05am HST

Location: Posters & Partners (Gather.Town)