About Learning Design and Technology

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About the Department

For nearly half a century, the Department of Learning Design and Technology (LTEC) at UHM has provided a dynamic and high quality program for educators seeking innovative ways to integrate the latest technologies for teaching and learning. LTEC offers graduate certificate, online and campus Master's, and Doctoral programs. You will find our graduates in K-12 education, colleges and universities, libraries, health care, private business, government, the military, non-profits, museums, and more. 

Paying for a Graduate Degree

There are many resources available to help graduate students pay for college, including the LTEC department's Dr. R. W. (Buddy) Burniske AwardYour graduate student advisor can help you determine ways to cover the cost of your graduate degree.  Some of our students are current educators seeking to upgrade current career skills and qualify for pay raises, or non-educators seeking new career paths within the field of education.

Quality Education, Real World Coursework

We have established a set of strong objectives and appropriate coursework devised to ensure high levels of competency for our program graduates. With the increasing emphasis on 21st Century skills and workforce development, our graduates are in high demand and have multiple job opportunities upon graduation.

LTEC prides itself on establishing ‘ohana (Hawaiian for extended family) that creates a special island feeling to relationships among faculty, students and staff.  We are known for our collegiality and strong sense of belonging, with graduates commonly mentioning this networking as one of their best memories of the program when asked on follow-up surveys. 

About the Faculty

The faculty consists of professionally and academically qualified personnel, each with many years of experience in different aspects of the Learning Design and Technology field. The backgrounds and experiences of the faculty complement each other so that the department can offer a strong and respected instructional and research program.  As one graduate wrote on a survey asking about experience in the program, "The biggest strength [of the program] is the LTEC faculty. They get along well and work as a team. They truly care about the students and the growth of the program.  The 'networking' is evidence of this."

Faculty & Staff


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