Graduate Certificate in Learning Design and Technology

Typical Length 1 year

Delivery Online



The graduate level Certificate in Online Learning and Teaching (COLT) is offered fully online and requires the completion of 15 credits (5 courses). Although targeted for Hawaii’s educators, this program will also appeal to online educators throughout the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. The certificate program provides those who desire to deliver learning materials at a distance with the foundational knowledge and skills required to design, develop, and implement effective materials for online learning. 

Throughout this completely online certificate program, participants will have numerous opportunities to integrate their professional experiences into their learning, apply their course assignments to their current professional activities, and actively engage with other professionals in the development of these proficiencies.

Common Careers

The primary employers of LTEC graduates are educational institutions, both public and private, at all levels: K-12, post-secondary (community colleges and universities). Also, government and private agencies like software companies, publishing companies, and companies and agencies with training and design departments, such as health care, manufacturing industries and large retail corporations.

There is no single job title for learning design and educational technologists in organizations, but some examples include Training Coordinator, Instructional Designer, Technology Support Specialist, Museum Education Specialist, and so on. (See Bureau of Labor Statistics for job outlook).

Admission Requirements
Apply to UHM Graduate Division View This Task

You must submit a graduate division application.

To submit your application please go to the UHM online application.

Make sure you choose the application type “Graduate Studies”.

For checklist item #7 (Planned Course of Study) select "Online Learning & Teaching – Graduate Certificate "

Information for prospective students can be found on the prospective students page of the UHM Graduate Division website.

Completed Baccalaureate Degree View This Task

Must have graduated from an accredited, four-year institution of higher education recognized by the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (UHM), prior to beginning the Graduate Certificate, Online Learning & Teaching (COLT) program.

To check if you graduated from a UHM recognized institution contact the UHM Graduate Division at or (808) 956-8544.

Undergraduate Cumulative GPA View This Task

An Undergraduate Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

The Graduate Division at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) requires an undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to be considered for admission. Some departments however may admit students with GPA’s that are below a 3.0. Departments consider the GPA along with other factors when making their admission decisions.

Submitted Transcripts View This Task

A transcript from each post-secondary institution attended.

You should also including transcripts from, any study abroad or exchange programs, summer programs, and non-degree work and extension programs. Your official transcripts need to be sent directly to the Graduate Division from the issuing institution(s), or in sealed institutional envelopes if submitted with the application.

UH Transcripts

Transcripts are not required for course work completed at any of the UH campuses. Graduate Division Student Services will obtain UH transcripts on behalf of applicants.

International Students

Refer to the Office of Graduate Education International Admissions Requirements website for specific international requirements.

Send your official transcripts to the UHM Graduate Division at:
2540 Maile Way
Spalding 354
Honolulu, HI 96822

Unofficial Transcripts

You may submit a copy of your unofficial transcripts directly to the department. However, you are still required to have your official transcripts sent directly to the UH Mānoa Graduate Division at the address above.

Upload your unofficial transcripts.
This link opens in a new window or tab.

Submitting unofficial transcripts to the department alone does NOT meet the transcripts requirement.

Current LTEC Students

You do not need to resubmit your Transcripts. Please click that you agree to the statement, save and move on.

Statement of Objectives View This Task

A written statement of objectives as part of your application.

You are required to write a response to the following question as part of your application to the Graduate Certificate, Online Learning & Teaching (COLT) program.

Current LTEC Students

You do not need to resubmit your Statement of Objectives. Please click that you agree to the statement, save and move on.

Use the following directions to submit your statement of objectives.

  1. Save your statement as either a word (.doc/.docx) or PDF (.pdf) format.
  2. Name the file with your name and the word statement
    (e.g. StudentName_Statement.pdf).
  3. Upload your statement to Mākālei
    This link opens in a new window or tab.
Submit Resume or Curriculum Vita (CV) View This Task

Your resume or CV.

You are required to submit your resume or CV. You can either upload a copy directly to Mākālei.

Current LTEC Students

You do not need to resubmit your Resume. Please click that you agree to the statement, save and move on.

Upload your resume or CV
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AlertYour resume or CV must be in either Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) or PDF (.pdf) format.
LTEC Survey View This Task

Please complete the Graduate Certificate, Online Learning & Teaching (COLT) LTEC Survey

LTEC Survey
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Transfer Credit View This Task

If you believe previous LTEC electives you have taken may count toward the certificate, please indicate those courses on the Petition to Transfer Credits form including the semester and year taken. Courses cannot be older than 3 years.

Make sure you fill out the table in Part II of the form (i.e. “Name of Institution”, “Course Alpha, Number & Title”, “Term/Year”, “Credits”, “Grade”, “Alpha & Number of UHM Course to be Substituted”)

Once you have downloaded and completed the Petition to Transfer Credits form, you need to upload it to Mākālei.

Upload your Petition to Transfer Credits form
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English Proficiency (TOEFL/IELTS) View This Task

Applicants who are not native English speakers may need to take the TOEFL or IELTS (Academic) tests. For more information view the Graduate Division website. For more information on the TOEFL and IELTS tests and to determine if you need to take them please visit the Graduate Division's English Proficiency website.

Minimum acceptable scores for the 2 tests are:

600/100 (Paper/Internet)

25 Listening
25 Speaking

6.00 for the Overall band test results

Send your official scores to the UHM Graduate Division at:

2540 Maile Way
Spalding 354
Honolulu, HI 96822

Identification Documents View This Task

International students are required to submit a copy of their Identification documents (i.e. Passport or Identification Card)

As required by U.S. federal regulations, all international applicants are required to submit a copy of their passport identification pages, or a copy of their national identification card if a passport is not available.

Send your identification documents to the UHM Graduate Division at:
2540 Maile Way
Spalding 354
Honolulu, HI 96822

International applicants need to show proof of sufficient funding to cover all educational and living expenses

International applicants need to show proof of sufficient funding to cover all educational and living expenses ,including expenses for any accompanying spouse or children. Upon admission to UHM, only international applicants with proof of funding will receive visa documents. The Confidential Financial Statement Form for International Applicants is required of most international applicants.

Send your financial statement to the UHM Graduate Division at:
2540 Maile Way
Spalding 354
Honolulu, HI 96822

Apply Now
Application Deadlines
Starting Semester General Admission International Students Admission
Fall May 1 (Rolling Admissions) March 1 (Rolling Admissions)
Spring November 1 (Rolling Admissions) October 1 (Rolling Admissions)
Summer March 1 (Rolling Admissions) February 1 (Rolling Admissions)

Apply Now

All courses for the COLT program are offered fully online. Courses follow the UHM semester schedule and are offered in fall, spring and summer semesters. Some courses may require attendance at live online sessions in the evenings from 6-8 PM HST. Students may opt for campus courses for electives, but this is not required.


The COLT Graduate Certificate is comprised of three 3-credit required courses, plus two additional 3-credit elective courses. Students select two electives with approval by the COLT adviser. The electives may be chosen from among the rich array within the Department’s graduate courses. Courses must relate to the overall goals of the certificate but are designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of the individual student. The five courses are designed to cover a range of competencies to educate candidates in understanding, designing, and delivering online learning.

Core Courses (3 courses, 9 credits)

  • LTEC 612: Introduction to E-learning (offered in Spring and Summer)
  • LTEC 673: Planning for Technology and Resources (offered in Fall)
  • LTEC 632: Developing E-Learning Environments (offered in Spring – to be completed during the final semester)

Culminating Project

The Certificate program requires successful completion of a culminating, integrative experience by which students demonstrate their mastery of design and implementation. This may be achieved through an internship, project, or electronic portfolio in which a student demonstrates mastery of program objectives, most typically by designing, developing, and evaluating a distance learning environment. This project is completed in the final course, LTEC 632: Developing E-Learning Environments. Students are required to develop a formal presentation for an online international conference, the TCC Worldwide Online Conference, to present the results of the project in a public and professional context.

Elective Courses (6 credits; 2 courses)

Elective courses are generally selected from 400-level and 600-level courses within the LTEC department. Electives provide all students with a solid foundation in educational technology theory and practice while advancing their knowledge in an area of emphasis unique to each student. With advisor approval, a limited number of courses may be taken in another discipline outside of LTEC if these would contribute to the area of emphasis.

For a full listing of courses, see UH Manoa Catalog.

Following the completion of the required courses, COLT students are required to fill out the COLT GCERT Checklist in order for their certificate to be conferred by UH Manoa Graduate Division.

Tuition & Funding

The tuition rates are generally around $650 per credit for residents and $1402 per credit for non-residents. In addition, student fees typically total $451. Students enrolled in an online program will only be assessed for resident tuition regardless of their residence in a different state or country. Please see the “General & Post-Baccalaureate” heading on the Graduate Tuition Schedule for more accurate tuition rates.

See the following sites for funding information:

Faculty & Virtual Tours

Our faculty and staff will provide you with guidance and resources to support your success from beginning to end. You will receive a dedicated faculty advisor to partner with you on your journey.

LTEC provides virtual tours to prospective students, see our virtual tour schedule.

Program Coordinator

Photo of Meng-Fen Grace Lin

Meng-Fen Grace Lin

(808) 956-9989