Financing Your Degree

  • Tuition & Payment

    Learn more about current UH Manoa tuition rates and payment options.

  • Financial Aid

    Learn more about the various support options offered to low-income students.

  • Military and Veterans Benefit

    The University of Hawaii has extended several benefits to military service members and their families, who have been affected by deployments and military transition.

  • Tax Benefits for College Students

    Select students who have paid tuition and other related fees or received a scholarship or grant during the year are eligible to receive tax benefits.

  • Scholarships

    Learn about the variety of scholarship opportunities available to the students of UH Manoa.

  • Out-of-State Student Opportunities

    Find out about the support options offered to out-of-State students as well as international students.

  • Student Employment

    UH Manoa provides students assistance with their career goals through campus career services and additional benefits for working at UH.

  • Zero textbook courses

    Discover zero textbook courses that are a part of the OER Initiative which aims to alleviate a students financial burden.