Screenshot of the Class of 2020 LTEC Graduates during the 2020 LTEC Virtual Graduation Party

Join the LTEC Department in recognizing the following students who have completed their master’s and PhD degrees this May.

PhD Degree
Ken Kiyohara
Rachel Mamiya
Eddie Merc
Erin Nakano
Jon Pennington
Naomi Rombaoa Tanaka
Beth Tillinghast


Master’s Degree
Joy Aiwohi
Jeff Anderson
Casey Bales (Burniske Award Finalist)
Brian Bays
Suzanne Brown-McBride (Burniske Award Recipent)
Brandon Carlos
Melanie Chan-Vinoray (Burniske Award Finalist)
Kūʻiʻolani Cotchay
Josh Dimaya,
Tiana Gurrero
Kris Hara
Melissa Kahili-Heede
Mellissa Lockman
Morgan Mamizuka
Marcie Moura
Sarah Nakashima
Tasia Nakasone
Morisha Ogata
Hongwei Shimizu
Demi Yoshimoto

The LTEC Department celebrated the accomplishment of our graduates on April 16 in Zoom (screenshot of graduates in Zoom above). You may view the full recording of the event on the LTEC Facebook Page.

Mahalo 2020 LTEC graduates for your time with us during the program. We look forward to your contributions to your community and in helping to make a world a better place for all.

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