LTEC at conference

COE Department of Learning Design and Technology (LTEC) faculty members are featured prominently in the International Academic Forum’s (IAFOR) conference report from the 4th Southeast Asian Conference on Education (SEACE2024) held in Chiang Mai, Thailand in March. The theme of this year’s conference was how to achieve a peaceful and harmonious coexistence within a society that is becoming increasingly diverse and polarized.

Conference Report and Intelligence Briefing: SEACE2024

(scroll down the report to read about LTECʻs panel presentation)

“Change for Resiliency: One Department’s Strategies for Implementing Culturally Relevant Education with a Focus on Asia and the Pacific”
Plenary Panel with Professor and Chair Michael Menchaca, Professor Peter Leong, Professor Seungoh Paek, Specialist Ariana Eichelberger, Associate Professor Dan Hoffman, Assistant Professor Chih-Pu Dai, and Assistant Professor Shamila Janakiraman


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