COLT Core Courses

The COLT Graduate Certificate consists of three 3-credit required core courses, plus two additional 3-credit elective courses. Students select two electives with approval by the COLT adviser. The electives may be chosen from among the rich array within the Department’s graduate courses. Courses must relate to the overall goals of the certificate but are designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of the individual student. The five courses are designed to cover a range of competencies to educate candidates in understanding, designing, and delivering online learning. The Core Courses consist of the following:


  • LTEC 612: Introduction to E-learning: Introduction to principles of e-learning and their application in formal and informal instructional settings (offered in Spring and Summer)
  • LTEC 673: Planning for Technology and Resources: Planning, needs assessment, and change theory applied to the development and evaluation of long-range plans and the communication of a vision for technology in education (offered in Fall)
  • LTEC 632 (note: this is also the culminating course): Developing E-Learning Environments: Planning, design, and development of e-learning instruction for educational and training settings. Implementation of online course elements such as student interaction, course management, testing, and content delivery using a learning management environment and open courseware. Repeatable one time (offered in Spring- to be taken last)