Continuous Enrollment and Residency

Once a student has entered the COLT program, the University requires continuous enrollment every fall and spring semester until completion of the program (this does not include summer semesters). 

Should students have a serious issue that prevents enrollment or requires an extension of the maximum time to degree, they should consult their advisor immediately. Students who fail to maintain continuous enrollment and who have not been formally granted a leave of absence are cut from the program per Graduate Division policy. The Petition for Leave of Absence Form is used to request a leave of absence, and it is critical that you complete this if you are not able to enroll for any reason. The Graduate Division drops students who are not enrolled, and it may take reapplying, including paying a fee, to be allowed to continue. The LTEC department and Graduate Division are not required to readmit students who have been dropped, so be sure to enroll or have a permitted leave of absence.