Dissertation Types

LTEC currently allows three dissertation formats. These are compared in Appendix 1. 

Option 1: The traditional multi-chapter research dissertation

This is the document familiar to most called a dissertation. It typically covers a single research study designed, carried out, and reported by the student independently. The department provides dissertation templates used by most students to help with the complexity of style issues and to ensure conformance to the many guidelines. You will be introduced to the templates and other writing tools as part of your doctoral seminars.

Option 2: Design-based research dissertation

In general, design-based studies result in a multi-chapter manuscript but will have additional chapters needed to fully describe the product design and adequately report the evaluation process. In LTEC, while the design product has roots in practice, the study is still theory based. In addition, the dissertation may include multimedia materials that showcase the designed product. The format is described in Appendix 2. The UHM style guidelines explain the inclusion of non-textual materials. 

Option 3: Three-paper dissertation

In fall 2015, the LTEC graduate faculty adopted a policy for what is sometimes referred to as the “alternative” or the “multiple-paper option.” Because this is less well known than the multi-chapter dissertation, the format and process are described in Appendix 2 as covered by the policy adopted by the department. Anyone considering the alternative format should discuss the possibility with one of the PhD program advisors. The format is described in Appendix 3.