Elective Emphasis Courses (15 credits; 5 courses)

Elective courses are generally selected from graduate-level offerings (600 level and above only) within the LTEC department. Electives provide all students with a solid foundation in educational technology theory and practice while advancing their knowledge in an area of emphasis unique to each student. With advisor approval, a limited number of courses may be taken in another discipline outside of LTEC if these would contribute to the area of emphasis.

The advisor may recommend additional coursework to ensure an adequate breadth and depth of knowledge in selected areas and required competencies. Students who do not have a Masters degree in Educational Technology may be required to take additional courses in LTEC to ensure an adequate foundation in educational technology. 

Many students choose to take extra electives, either to support their research interests or to earn a Graduate Certificate, such as the Graduate Certificate in Online Learning (COLT). The certificate is 15 credits, so it may be completed through the five required PhD electives.