Inquiry (Research) Core: (12 credit minimum; 4 courses)

All LTEC PhD students must complete the inquiry sequence designed to develop research skills. The Inquiry core consists of the following:

  • Research Design (one course): LTEC 665


  • Individual Paradigms (One each, qualitative and quantitative)
    • Qualitative Methods: LTEC 667
    • Quantitative Methods: LTEC 668


  • Advanced Methods for Dissertation Research (one course)
    TBD in consultation with advisor—typically LTEC 781-Qualitative Analysis or LTEC 780-Mixed Methods or LTEC 782-Design-based Research are offered, but others may be appropriate based on your dissertation research design and new courses offered by the LTEC department or other departments. The Advanced Research course may not be taken before you complete at least two of the other three inquiry classes, including LTEC 665.


The initial three inquiry courses are taken with a student’s cohort in the first three fall-spring semesters. All inquiry courses provide research experience and specialized background specific to the field and may not be waived. Depending on research interests, students are encouraged to select (in consultation with their advisor) additional inquiry courses to support their dissertation studies and future career plans; these may count toward the elective requirement.