LTEC Master’s Project

In accordance with the UHM Graduate Division, Master’s students are required to fulfill Graduate Division requirements through the Master’s Plan. Plans are determined by the student with a Plan A and Plan B option. Plan A provides students the option of completing a Master’s thesis while Plan B is a culminating experience that consists of a design or research project and a conference presentation showcasing the project. 

In any good graduate program, students end their program with a presentation of a major research or professional study.  The LTEC Final Project is designed with the criteria of a “non-thesis plan” (Plan B option).  This project is all-important, as it represents the culmination of the student’s work in the program. All students will create a learning design project and choose between one of three types of evaluation: a learning assessment, usability or an action research.

After advancement to candidacy, during their final year in the program, students will be allowed to take LTEC 687 – Learning Design Studio to begin their final project.  During this semester, students will complete the practical portion of the project.  During their final spring semester, students will take LTEC 690 – Seminar in Technology Leadership in which they will complete their data collection, write up the results of their project as a conference paper, and make an online conference presentation.  Student papers will be posted and archived in the University of Hawaii Scholarspace.

For those who have never done one, a Master’s project can be a daunting concept, and the rules and procedures may appear complex and confusing. While the outlines of the process are covered here, be assured that you will be learning more about it throughout your time in the LTEC-MEd program and do not need to know every detail when you start. Some of the information and rules given in this section will be more relevant as you get closer to doing your research and writing your document. The LTEC Department has one of the best graduation rates for its students at UHM, and we provide the support and information you need to ensure your success.