MEd Student Review

Students are required by the Graduate Division to maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. Failure to meet the GPA standards will lead to probation and possible dismissal from the program. Students having difficulty in a course should contact their instructor early to resolve the issues and determine what needs to be done to improve.

The department conducts yearly reviews of all Master’s students, required by the UHM Graduate Division. These reviews cover not only GPA, but general progress in learning and appropriate dispositions related to the values of professional community participation and ethical behavior and the standards of the field. This evaluation is designed to ascertain whether the prospective candidate’s level of academic work, personal characteristics, poise, attitude, communications, and collaborative skills are indicative of the student’s likelihood of success as an educational technology professional. The goal is to ensure that the graduates of the LTEC-MEd are individuals we will be proud to call members of the profession. Students will receive counseling and support in developing a remedial plan for areas in which there are concerns. If concerns are not addressed, students may be dismissed for dispositions. In general, we expect all students entering the LTEC-MEd to finish and to do well, and will work with each of you to ensure that happens.