MEd Pre-Admission Advising and Virtual Tours

Because of the large numbers of applicants and the fact that many are not local to the UHM campus in Honolulu, pre-admission advising is done primarily online. We welcome questions via email or by phone calls to the department office (see topic 6.1).

An important way to learn more about the program is through our virtual tours. In general, we typically don’t set up personal appointments to meet with students until they have participated in one of these online sessions. The virtual tours are completely online and only require a device with internet access and speakers. A microphone is recommended but not required, so you may ask the faculty any questions you might have. To access the tour, you will need to download Zoom and login using the provided links and information. You don’t need to sign up in advance to join a virtual tour—just login to learn more. Participation in a virtual tour is not required for applying but is highly recommended. Most students find that the virtual tours are the best way to learn more about program requirements.

Virtual tour information is posted on the LTEC website early in the fall semester with schedules of dates and times as well as how to access the tour online. If you want to be notified when these will happen, contact the LTEC office (see topic 6.1), and we will notify you when the virtual tour schedule is finalized. In the past, there has been one virtual tour during each of the following months: September, October, November, and December. The virtual tours have typically been scheduled during the second or third week of each month. They occur on different days of the week and usually start at 5:30pm HST.