Student Learning Outcomes

All degree programs at the UHM are designed to achieve programmatically defined student learning outcomes (SLO). The SLOs for the Learning Design and Technology doctorate are based on the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) standards with an emphasis on the research component and are grounded within the UHM College of Education Conceptual Framework.

A sense of purpose, a sense of place: Preparing knowledgeable, effective, and caring educators to contribute to a just, diverse, and democratic society—The College of Education envisions a community of educators who provide innovative research, teaching, and leadership in an effort to further the field of education and prepare professionals to contribute to a just, diverse, and democratic society. The College aims to enhance the well being of the Native Hawaiian people and others across the Pacific Basin through education.

Candidates will:

(Knowledge) Demonstrate theoretical and conceptual knowledge in the broad issues of education and in the skills, knowledge and problems within the field of educational technology.

  • Demonstrate foundational knowledge of the contribution of research to the past and current theory of educational communications and technology.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to create, use, assess, and manage theoretical and practical applications of educational technologies and processes.

(Research) Apply an inquiring and critical approach to issues and possible solutions to problems in education.

  • Apply appropriate research methodologies to address problems, enhance practice, and contribute to the knowledge base of the field.

(Professional Ethics) Develop a deep respect for the public trust that is invested in them as future intellectual and social leaders in the field of education.

  • Conduct research and practice using accepted professional and institutional guidelines and procedures.

The department has set outcomes for its graduate students based on national standards from the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT). From these standards and goals, assessments have been created to evaluate our students and our program.  These assessments occur within the required coursework. See the alignment of standards below.