Summary: LTEC MEd Course Requirements

Possible Sequence (with cohort)
Course Taken
Semester Taken
Department Core: Year One (12 credits)
Theory and Practice, LTEC 600 Fall 1
Innovations in Ed Tech, LTEC 602 Fall 2
Ed Tech Research and Eval, LTEC 611 Spring 1
Design and Development, LTEC 613  Spring 2
Elective Emphasis: (15 credits)
LTEC elective individualized
LTEC elective
LTEC elective
LTEC elective
LTEC elective
Department Core: Final year (6 credits)
Learning Design Studio, LTEC 687 individualized
Seminar in Tech Leadership, LTEC 690
Culminating Experience Master’s Project
To be completed within LTEC 687 & 690 course sequence