Summary: LTEC PhD Course Requirements


Possible Sequence (with cohort)

Course Taken

Semester Taken

Inquiry Core: (12 credits)

Research Design, LTEC 665 Fall 1/Spring 1
Individual Paradigms:
Qualitative Methods, LTEC 667 Spring 1 
Quantitative Methods, LTEC 668 Fall 2 
Advanced Methods for Dissertation Research (approved by advisor, may be LTEC 780/781/782) Summer 2

LTEC Seminars: (9 credits)

Seminar 1 LTEC 750 (C) Fall 1
Seminar 2 LTEC 750E Spring 2
Advanced seminar LTEC 760* Fall 3

Design Core: (3 credits)

Design Studio LTEC 701 Summer 1

Elective Emphasis: (15 credits)

LTEC elective individualized
LTEC elective
LTEC elective
LTEC elective
LTEC elective

Dissertation: LTEC 800  (1 credit minimum)**

After advancement to candidacy

Note: all graduate courses are 3 credits except where indicated, only courses 600 or above count for doctoral credit

* Seminar enrollment required spring and fall after course completion and until the student is formally a candidate.

** After advancement to candidacy, must enroll for minimum one dissertation credit every fall and spring until completion. Must be enrolled in the semester of completing the dissertation.