Dual MEd Learning Design and Technology and Masters Library Information Sciences

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The Dual Masters degree option at UHM allows students to complete two degree programs concurrently. Students enrolled in the Master's in Learning Design and Technology (MEd LTEC) program are eligible to apply for a second Master's Degree in Library and Information Sciences (MLISc). MLISc students may apply for a second degree in MEd LTEC.

Selecting the dual enrollment program allows students to count a maximum of nine credits from one degree towards the requirements of the second degree.

The dual degree program is a recognition of the intersection of information technology and library and information science in digital age. Dual degrees enhance your potential for expanded employment opportunities.

For more information, contact the coordinator in your program: Dr. Fulford in the LTEC Master's program or Dr. Rich Gazan (LISinfo@hawaii.eduin the LIS program.

Delivery Options

The combined MEd LTEC & LISc degree has two delivery options: one campus based and the second online. Course requirements are the same for both campus based and online. The core courses in the campus-based program are offered at the Manoa campus on weekday evenings to accommodate adult learners, typically from 5:00-7:30 PM. Electives may be taken on campus or online.


The following LTEC courses may be counted towards the LIS degree requirements:

  • LTEC 612 Introduction to E-learning (3)
  • LTEC 620 Visual Design (3)
  • LTEC 622 E-learning Theory and Design (3)
  • LTEC 623 Digital Video Design (3)
  • LTEC 632 Developing E-learning Environments (3)
  • LTEC 641 Emerging Technologies for K-12 Teaching (3)
  • LTEC 642 Facilitating E-learning Communities (3)
  • LTEC 643 Educational Technology in Informal Learning Environments (3) ETEC 647 Learning with Emerging Technologies (3)
  • LTEC 651 Interactive Multimedia Production (3)
  • LTEC 652 (Alpha) Authoring E-learning Environments (3)
  • LTEC 654 Programming for Games and Simulations (3)
  • LTEC 662 Assessment and Evaluation in E- learning (3)
  • LTEC 667 Qualitative Research in Educational Technology (3)
  • LTEC 668 Quantitative Research in Educational Technology (3)
  • LTEC 672 Distance Education Technology (3)
  • LTEC 673 Planning for Technology and Resources (3)
  • LTEC 674 Instructional Technology Management (3)
  • LTEC 676 Social and Ethical Issues in Educational Technology (3)

See the Library & Information Science web site for more information on the dual degree and list of courses that count in the dual program.

Program Design and Length

Obtaining dual Master's degrees requires that you designate one of the programs as your primary degree, then you may count up to nine courses towards the other.

  • (Primary Degree: Educational Technology): Of the 33 credits required for this MEd, LIS counts 9 credits at the 600 level. Thus only 33 LIS credits for the MLISc are needed instead of 42, for a total of 69 credits for both degrees.
  • (Primary degree: MLISc): Of the 42 credits required for the MLISc, the Department of Educational Technology accepts 9 credits from the following so the MEd requires 24 ETEC credits.
Primary Degree MEd LTEC MLISc Total
Learning Design and Technology 33 33 66
Library / Information Science 24 42 66
Obtained Separately 33 42 75

Transfer Credits and Waivers

Transfer: Up to 6 credits from previously taken LTEC courses can possibly be transferred before admission as long as these courses are not older than 3 years and were taken post-baccalaureate. Consult the Department if inquiring about transfer credits.

Waivers: LTEC students using faculty-staff waivers are guaranteed a space in all core courses. However, electives follow UH policy of registration after classes start if there are openings in the course. If courses are full, students will either need to cover tuition or select a different elective.

Learn More - Virtual Tours

We offer virtual tours each fall and early spring to answer your questions about the program. You even get to “meet” some of the faculty online. Typically you need to attend one of these sessions before meeting individually with an advisor. If you would like to attend the next virtual tour, click the Advise Me button and we will add you to the list!

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