MEd Learning Design and Technology (Campus)

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This nationally accredited program prepares students to create resources for teaching and learning through diverse media as well as integrate technology into educational environments, including online learning.

Students explore such areas as educational games, social media, mobile applications, web design, online learning systems, and more emerging technologies within the context of designing effective, efficient, and engaging learning and teaching.  The program places emphasis on applications of technology in educational settings rather than simple technical skills. Individuals from diverse backgrounds can immediately apply what they learn to their particular context. 

Graduates of the program have found professional positions in in formal educational settings such as schools and universities as teachers, curriculum developers or instructional designers, as well as in industrial or commercial enterprises, or in governmental or private entities (such as public health or social agencies) which engage in training activities of their personnel or clients.

Delivery Options

The MEd has two delivery options: one campus based and the second online. See the MEd Online link for more on the distance delivery version.

Course requirements are the same for each. The M.Ed. in Learning Design and Technology is a 33-credit graduate program of six required core courses and a minimum of five elective courses.

  • The six core courses in the campus-based program are offered at the Manoa campus on weekday evenings to accommodate adult learners, typically from 5:00-7:30 PM.
  • Electives may be taken on campus or online.


Core courses are taken in sequence. All students follow the same sequence in their first year. Courses for the second year depend on whether students are attending full-time, with those on a part-time basis typically completing core requirements in year 3.

Electives may be taken in any semester including summer selected from LTEC 400-level and 600-level courses. 

Department Core: 18 credits (six classes)

Fall semester core courses - year one

  • LTEC 600: Theory and Practice in Educational Technology (3)
  • LTEC 602: Teaching/Training Technologies (3)

Spring semester core courses - year one

  • LTEC 611: Ed Tech Research & Evaluation (3)
  • LTEC 613: Instructional Design and Development (3)

Final courses - taken in last year to complete Master's project

  • LTEC 687: Instructional Design & Technology Practicum (3)
  • LTEC 690: Seminar in Technology Leadership (3)

Electives: 15 credits (five classes)

Electives may be taken in any semester, including summer, and are selected from LTEC 400-level and 600-level courses.  At least three electives must be graduate level and taken after admission to the program. Students develop a plan for electives with their program coordinator based on individual interests and goals.

Culminating Experience

Plan B option which is most commonly selected includes the following: 

  • a design or research project selected by the student and approved by an advisor; and
  • a conference presentation showcasing the project

Students have an option of completing a Master's thesis under Plan A.

Program Design and Length

The LTEC MEd is cohort based, with students only admitted in fall term each year as part of a group that takes initial classes together.  In a cohort model, students enroll in a series of core courses, beginning and ending the series together. Such an approach helps build community and support structures within the program. Students work with like-minded professionals to achieve a common goal.

Students are required to take two core courses each in their initial fall and spring semesters; these typically meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Elective courses are offered in every semester and may be taken online or on campus. 

Full-time students taking three courses per semester typically complete the program in two academic years, while part-time students may take longer, usually three years. The program culminates with student presentations of their electronic portfolio and final LTEC Master's project completed in a fall-spring course sequence.

Transfer Credits and Waivers

Transfer: Up to 6 credits from previously taken LTEC courses can possibly be transferred before admission as long as these courses are not older than 3 years and were taken post-baccalaureate. Consult the Department if inquiring about transfer credits.

Waivers: LTEC students using faculty-staff waivers are guaranteed a space in all core courses. However, electives follow UH policy of registration after classes start if there are openings in the course. If courses are full, students will either need to cover tuition or select a different elective.

When applying to Graduate Division, please make sure you select "Learning Design & Technology - MEd" as your planned course of study.

Learn More - Virtual Tours

Learn More - Virtual Tours - Learning Design & Technology (LTEC) Programs

We offer virtual tours each fall and early spring to answer your questions about the program. You even get to “meet” some of the faculty online. Typically you need to attend one of these sessions before meeting individually with an advisor. If you'd like to attend the next tour(s), see below for more details.

The next tour is to be confirmed (Please check for updates).

Attend any upcoming virtual tour for the department of Learning Design and Technology. See and talk with faculty advisors from all LTEC degree and certificate programs:
·       Graduate Certificates in Online Learning & Teaching as well as K-12 Instruction
·       Dual Masters Learning Design & Technology and Library Information Sciences
·       MEd Learning Design & Technology (Online and Campus Based)
·       PhD Learning Design & Technology

Take this chance to get answers to your questions from the comfort of your own home. You can access the tour with any computer or mobile device equipped with a speaker. A microphone is recommended but not essential. No registration or RSVP is required. To attend the tour, simply go to: 

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