Plan B Research Paper or Project Timeline

First Year - Summer

  • Meet with your interim advisor (the MEd ECE Program Director).
  • Review the Program Handbook and clarify any questions about capstone and course requirements.
  • Label and upload exemplars from your first Summer into your MEd ECE Laulima Dropbox.
  • Set goals for professional involvement and growth in your first year.

First Year - Fall Semester

  • Attend monthly on-line Cohort Seminars.
  • Begin to pursue a topic of interest you are interested in.
  • Begin to read widely and compile an annotated bibliography of your references.
  • Learn to use some other kind of software to assist you in the researching process. (e.g. Zotero or Mendelay)
  • Take preliminary notes and organize your ideas on the scope of the literature on your topic.
  • Compose an annotated bibliography of significant sources
  • Identify areas of need where you can make a meaningful contribution.

First Year - Spring Semester

  • Meet with interim advisor (the MEd ECE Program Director).
  • Attend monthly on-line Cohort Seminars.
  • Update your Bibliography of References and begin to draft a Literature Review.
  • If you are planning to do research, read widely about research methodologies.
  • Complete CITI research modules.

Second Year - Summer Semester

  • Meet with your Interim Advisor & EDCS 632 Instructor.
  • Complete your course check. Make sure you are on track with credit requirements.
  • Complete your third summer’s coursework.
  • Using EDCS 632 as a foundation, commit to a capstone and begin to work towards your Plan B paper/project.

Second Year - Fall Semester

  • Attend monthly on-line Cohort Seminars.
  • Complete work on your research course (EDCS 632). If you are going to do a Paper, use this project as the pilot for your entire study. Carry out your pilot and use the information gained to refine your study and submit an IRB application.
  • You will be transitioned to an advisor with expertise to support your area of interest
  • Create a timeline for completing your Plan B.
  • Update your bibliography.

Second Year - Spring Semester

By the end of the Spring, you should have 80% or more of your research study Paper or Project completed and uploaded into your MEd ECE Laulima Dropbox.

  • Attend monthly on-line Cohort Seminars.
  • Work regularly with your Plan B Advisor. Update your course check with the MEd ECE Director to make sure you are on track in meeting credit requirements.
  • Attend monthly on-line Cohort Seminars.
  • Carry out your study or project and draft major sections.

Third Year - Summer Semester

  • Complete the final 2 required MEd ECE core courses and any remaining electives.
  • Revise Introduction and begin to draft Conclusion.

Third Year - Fall Semester

  • Attend monthly on-line Cohort Seminars.
  • Final graduation check.
  • The Fall semester is dedicated to finalizing your Plan B and presenting your completed project at Plan B Oral Examination. You should be FINALIZING your work not drafting pieces. An important part of this semester is synthesizing what you have learned into a coherent and compelling whole. Deadlines are crucial so that your advisor and reviewers have the time needed to facilitate you through the editing process as you finalize your portfolio. Please be mindful of the deadlines during this semester as you may not graduate if they are not observed. We will update this timeline when the information is available.

Around 1st week of September

  • Deadline to apply for graduation. (Fill out forms in the Summer)

Around 2nd week of September

  • Upload into MEd ECE Laulima Dropbox the first draft of the entire paper or project for final review by advisor and reviewers and remove old drafts.
  • Your Plan B Advisor will work with you and a second reader to review your work. Contact your second reader to thank them for their time and support and to determine how they will send feedback to you. Your advisor will send comments using mark-up via email.

Around 4th week of October

  • Submit Revised paper or project for proofreading by your advisor and 2nd reader.
  • Prepare for Plan B Oral Examination.

Around 2nd week of November

  • At this point, your documentation should need only minor revisions. Work on this, incorporating written feedback by your advisor and 2nd reader.
  • Participate in Plan B – Orals Examination (If you live on a neighbor island, plan to come to Oʻahu for the Oral Presentations. Non-residents will be included via distance technology. Bring a hard copy of your Plan B paper or project coversheet for signing.

Around 1st week of December

  • Last day to upload scan and hardcopy of signed coversheet for plan B to your MEd ECE Drobox.
  • Last day to upload an approved FINAL version of Plan B in MEd ECE Laulima Dropbox. Remove all draft copies.