All students enroll in 18 credits of mandatory coursework held in three consecutive intensive all-day summer sessions. Mandatory courses take place over the course of three weeks between mid-June and mid-July. They are generally scheduled between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Each Spring, schedule information will be emailed to students prior to face-to-face coursework.

Summer 1

  • FamR 491: Advanced Child Development (3)
  • EDCS 667: Issues and Trends in Early Childhood Education (3)

Summer 2

  • HDFS 454: Family Public Policy (3)
  • EDCS 632: Qualitative Research Methods (3)*

*EDCS 632 is classified as a Fall course in Year 2 of the program so that students are able to design, implement and report on a research project carried out in their setting. There may be some implications for financial aid and tuition.

Summer 3

  • SPED 631: Early Intervention for Special Populations (3)
  • EDCS 618: ECE Advanced Topics: Professionalism and Ethics (3)