Students in all programs associated with the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa should understand that it is a Hawaiian Place of Learning. Institutional Learning Objectives (ILOs) encompass the graduate experience as a whole. They envision what graduates should be able to know, do and value by the time they graduate.

The Graduate Education ILOs are cross-mapped with MEd ECE Program standards and inform syllabi, content and key assessments for program coursework and capstones.

Student Learning Outcome 1

Students demonstrate comprehensive knowledge in one or more general subject areas related to, but not confined to a specific area of interest

Student Learning Outcome 2

Students demonstrate understanding of research methodology and techniques specific to one’s field of study

Student Learning Outcome 3

Students apply research methodology and /or scholarly inquiry techniques specific to one’s field of study

Student Learning Outcome 4

Students critically analyze, synthesize, and utilize information and data related to one’s field of study.

Student Learning Outcome 5

Students proficiently communicate and disseminate information in a manner relevant to the field and intended audience

Student Learning Outcome 6

Students conduct research or projects as a responsible and ethical professional, including consideration of and respect for other cultural perspectives

Student Learning Outcome 7

Students interact professionally with others.