MEd ECE Capstone: Plan B

The MEd ECE Program offers several different Capstone options

A majority of the working professionals who enter the program are practitioners, who are committed to broadening their understanding of the field of early childhood education and deepening their knowledge and expertise in practical ways specific to their workplace. Many students are also looking for ways to move beyond their professional position, to develop their voice as leaders, and to make meaningful contributions to the broader profession. For this reason, our Handbook elaborates on the three Plan B choices, process, and requirements. Students may select from one of 3 Plan B Capstones: a Project or Practical Application, a Mini-Research Paper, or a Professional Portfolio. Your faculty advisor is in the best position to guide you in developing the Plan B paper or project. Students are guided to choose to focus their capstone on a professional standard where they have foundational coursework and experience they will need to build on in order to complete a graduate-level capstone. There are several options available to meet the diverse interests, gifts and learning styles of your students.