MED ECE Capstone: Plan B (Project)

A practical application of the research base that makes a meaningful contribution.

The Plan B project is a practical application of the research base that makes a meaningful contribution to your community. Projects are personal, and topics vary widely in format and length. It is your responsibility to define the purpose, and to organize, and implement the project. The advisor will assist with these tasks and will provide feedback to help you complete it successfully.

The following guidelines apply for a Plan B project design.

  • The project should be purposeful and have meaning for the individual and his/her
    community, and /or importance for the field of study.
  • The project should refer to a relevant body of knowledge (this might be a review of
    literature, grounding in historical context, oral history).
  • The project should involve some form of documentation that can be kept on file. This
    can vary widely and might include a scholarly paper (for example action research, field
    study curriculum development), a standards-based portfolio, or a product like song,
    dance, video, website, or exhibit of photographs.
  • The project should communicate a connection to practice and/or professional growth.

In addition, you must make certain:

  • The Plan B project contains evidence in the final chapter summary that you have connected study outcomes with current knowledge in the content area, including previous research relevant to the Plan B project.
  • The final chapter or summary makes clear the professional impact of the study
    findings on your future directions.
  • The concluding chapter outlines general recommendations that are consonant with the findings of the project.