Graduate Certificate in Learning Design and Technology



Does the COLT Program lead to being qualified for a Teaching Certificate?

No, the program does not lead to being qualified for a Teaching Certificate. The COE’s Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Secondary Education can assist you if you are looking to qualify for a Teaching Certificate.

Does the Graduate Certificate Program run in cohorts?

No, the Graduate Certificate Program does not run in cohorts. You will be able to take courses that fit your schedule. However, your final course is required to be our capstone course.


What is the cost of tuition for the Graduate Certificate program?

The tuition for the graduate certificate program is similar to the other graduate programs. Resident tuition is $650 per credit while non-resident is $1402 per credit. However, even if you are residing in a different state, you will be paying resident tuition since the graduate certificate program is a fully online program. In addition, campus fees will be waived since we offer our courses through Outreach College. Additional information on tuition and fees can be found under the "General & Post-Baccalaureate" heading on the Office of the Registrar's website.


Is TOEFL required for admission into the program?

Applicants with foreign nationalities (i.e. not USA) who have completed their Bachelor’s or Master’s in the United States do not need to take the TOEFL.

What is the minimum score required for the TOEFL or the IELTS?

The LTEC department abides by the required minimum scores as set by the UH Manoa Graduate Division. As such, there may not be a minimum score requirement. Nonetheless, test scores should reflect an adequate understanding of English.


What should a Statement of Objectives include?

The LTEC department does not require applicants to include a particular element in their Statement of Objectives however we do provide applicants with a Statement of Objectives guide to steer them in the right direction.

Forgot PIN for Graduate division application

Forgotten PINs cannot be recovered. You must create a new Login ID and PIN and start a new Graduate Division application.