At the beginning of the semester, discuss with your advisor whether you are likely to be able to complete the culminating project and graduate that semester. If so, submit a time schedule indicating when he/she will receive each section for review (leave enough time for two or three revisions for each section).

Graduate Division requires that all students be enrolled during the semester they plan to graduate.
MEd-CS students should take EDCS 667B, D, or G, the semester they plan to graduate (or the semester before), in order to get additional guidance in completing the project.

When all course work is completed you should register every semester for one credit of EDCS 699 in order to stay registered. You do not need to register in the summer unless you plan to graduate in the summer.

For important information on graduating, please see CS graduation dates and reminders. Within the first 3 weeks after instruction begins, or by June 1 for Summer Session, fill out and submit the Application for Degree form. There is a small fee required upon submission. This form only needs to be submitted once. However, please do not make this request until you have met all requirements and can actually graduate. All required courses need to have been taken, all incompletes made up and the 30-credit minimum must be met by the end of the semester you graduate.

When you apply to graduate, the Office of Graduate Education will generate a degree check for departmental review. The CS Graduate Chair must certify that you have met all requirements and have no outstanding incompletes on your transcript.

Contact the CS Administrator (Everly 224, 956-4401, to obtain the department deadlines related to the completion of your culminating project.

We invite you to participate in the College of Education Convocation on the Friday before the UHM Graduation. For MEd-CS students who wish to participate in the UHM commencement ceremonies, information is available at the commencement website.