MEd-CS Interdisciplinary Education track with an emphasis in Place Based and Sustainability Education is a 30-credit cohorted program for educators interested in place-based teaching and learning in the ahupua‘a and cultures of Hawai‘i’s students and communities. This project is based on Next Generation Science Standards and Nā Hopena Aʻo, the Hawai‘i Department of Education framework “to develop the skills, behaviors and dispositions that are reminiscent of Hawaiʻi’s unique context, and to honor the qualities and values of the indigenous language and culture of Hawaiʻi.”Place-based activities embodying core Hawaiian cultural values of sustainability and environmental stewardship will develop teachers’ culturally grounded competencies. Courses are field-based, online and at school sites. Three courses are tuition-free with acceptance into Dr. Pauline Chinn’s 2017-2021 NSF grant program. This track will prepare you to: (a) teach ecological, cultural and economic issues, (b) give students real world learning experiences, (c) integrate subjects for problem and project-based learning, and (d) collaborate with school and community colleagues.

9-core credits plus at least 21-credits chosen from the following list (subject to change), or other courses selected in consultation with the program advisor.

Required Core Courses:

  • EDCS 622G: Curriculum Leadership (3)
  • EDCS 606: Introduction to Research (3)
  • EDCS 667G: Seminar in Curriculum Issues (3)
  • EDCS 632: Qualitative Research* (3)

Required Specialization Courses:

  • EDCS 640P(S): Seminar in Place-based Science* (3)
    (Cross-listed as SUST 641)
  • EDCS 623: Science & Science Curriculum* (3)
  • EDCS 608: Literacies Across the Curriculum (SUST) (3) or EDCS 645 Seminar in Multicultural Literacy
  • EDCS 630: Cultural Diversity & Education (3)
  • EDCS 695: Plan B Master’s Project (3)
  • Elective: Content course** (3)

*EDCS 640P(S), 623, and EDCS 632 Qualitative Research will be tuition-free for students accepted into the National Science Foundation Grant Program. Students in NSF EDCS 640P(S) can also participate in a free Summer Immersion experience 2018-2021. For information on NSF supported courses. Contact Dr. Pauline Chinn (

**Electives include content courses (e.g., Hawaiian Studies, Geography, Biology, Zoology, Earth Sciences, Mathematics), selected with cohort faculty, based on teachers’ interests and course availability.

Culminating Requirement:

Plan B Project