* Reading K12 (with or without Reading K12 Graduate Certificate)

*Not currently offered to students

MEd-CS Reading K-12 track is a 30-credit track that presents an expanded, integrated view of 21st century literacies, based on International Literacy Association Standards. Teachers who wish to lead from their classrooms are the major focus. Eligible to add Reading K12 to an existing Hawai‘i Standard or Advanced License and may be taken concurrently with the Literacy Leader: Reading K12 Graduate Certificate.

12-core credits, plus 18-reading education credits* as described below. You must meet with your program advisor at least once a semester to select courses and agree on course artifacts for your Professional Teaching Portfolio.

Required Core Courses:

  • EDCS 622G: Curriculum Leadership (3)
  • EDCS 606:  Introduction to Research  (3)
  • EDCS 632: Qualitative Research Methods (3)
  • EDCS 667G: Seminar in Curriculum Issues (3)

Required Specialization Courses:

  • EDCS 601:  Advanced Topics in Reading (3)
  • EDCS 646:  Literacy Assessment I (3)
  • EDCS 647:  Literacy Assessment II  (3)
  • EDCS 605:  Reading Supervision and Leadership (3)
  • EDCS 690:  Practicum: Leadership in School Reading Improvement (3)

One 3-credit elective selected from:

  • EDCS 432: Adolescent Literacy and Literature (3)
  • EDCS 603: Children’s Literature in the Elementary Curriculum (3)
  • EDCS 617: Early Literacy and Language Development (3)
  • EDCS 640I: Content Area Literacy (3)
  • EDCS 648: Reading for English Language Learners K-12 (3)
  • EDCS 686: Informational Literacy and Learning Resources (3)
  • SPED 421: Strategies for Reading Difficulties (3)

*Recommended Sequence:  (Elective any time) 601, 646, 647, 605, 690

Culminating Requirement:

  • Plan B Professional Teaching Portfolio based on International Reading Association Standards for Reading Specialists