The 31st Japan-US Teacher Education Consortium (JUSTEC) successfully concluded in May 2021, having been postponed in 2020 as a result of the pandemic. The College of Education, a founding member of JUSTEC, once again showed strong participation and engagement during the conference, which discussed impacts of the coronavirus global pandemic on teacher education.

Selected titles of presentations and papers presented by the COE

  • Transforming Teacher Education in the Covid 19 Era, by Xu Di
  • Teacher Education in the Pandemic Recovery Period: A Brand New Masters in Progressive Philosophy and Pedagogy, by Amber Makaiau and Chad Miller
  • A Collaborative Online International Learning Project: Responses of Educators and Learners to COVID-19 in Hawaiʻi and Japan, by E. Brook Chapman de Sousa, Aaron Levine, ʻAlohilani Okamura, Summer Maunakea et al.
  • Going Global: The Future of Teacher Preparation and Licensure, by Dr. Lynn Hammonds et al.
  • Developing Professional Teaching Practice in an Online Platform, by Ronnie Tiffany-Kinder and Rayna Fujii
  • Imperfect Communication: The Value of Dual-Language Philosophy for Children Inquiries with Educators from Japan and Hawai‘i, by Benjamin Lukey
  • Prevention, Preparation, and Response: Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 on Schools in Japan, by Yuko Ida, James Parker, and Aya Watanabe

For abstracts and more information, please go to http://justec.tamagawa.ac.jp/2021/2021abstracts.pdf

The 32nd JUSTEC conference will be at Niigata University in Japan in September 2021. Mark the date on your calendar!

Visit their website at http://justec.tamagawa.ac.jp/

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