Christoph Kühberger

Christoph Kühberger, University of Salzburg The epistemic struggle with the unwritten past – Artefacts, mo' olelo and first written accounts in history lessons in Hawai'i

onder islek

Önder İŞLEK, Aksaray University Investigation into Experienced School Curriculum Balance and Its Influence on Preparedness to be Independent for Individuals with Visual Impairments in Turkey and Hawaii

Yasuko Takeuchi, St. Andrew’s Momoyama Gakuin University Interdisciplinary Study on the Utilization of ICT Support System to Create an Inclusive Outdoor Education to Enhance Quality of Life for Persons with Disabilities

Lise Porsanger

Lise Porsanger, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Teacher negligence in physical education

Dr. Masayuki Miyoshi

Dr. Masayuki Miyoshi, Tottori University Using Instructional Design (ID) in esophageal speech training program for laryngeal cancer patients

Ryota Fujii

Dr. Ryota Fujii, Nihon University Biomechanics of joint arthroplasty using 3D bio-mechanical and motion analysis

Wang “Giyu” Kai-Lung

Wang “Giyu” Kai-Lung, National Sun Yat-sen University Indigenous Subjectivity: The Foundation for Sustainable Development Education in Taiwan - The case of Taiwanese Rukai’straditional ecological knowledge (TEK) of streams

Dr. Perien Joniell Boer

Dr. Perien Joniell Boer, University of Namibia Investigating the implementation of the Graduate Curriculum Program in Learning Design and Technology/Instructional Technology at University of Hawaii, Manoa