Title IX of the Education Amendments: Gender Equity

Title IX is a landmark federal civil rights that prohibits sex discrimination in education. Members of the UH Mānoa community, guests and visitors have the right to be free from all forms of sex/gender harassment, discrimination and misconduct, examples of which can include acts of sexual violence, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. All members of the campus community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others.

The university believes in zero tolerance for sex/gender-based misconduct. Zero tolerance means that when an allegation of misconduct is brought to an appropriate administrator’s attention, protective and other remedial measures will be used to reasonably ensure that such conduct ends, is not repeated and the effects on the victim and community are remedied.

The Office of Title IX has the specific responsibility for providing prompt and effective responses to all complaints of sex discrimination or harassment for faculty, staff and students.

Any questions about this policy should be directed to the Title IX Coordinator. Anyone wishing to make a report relating to sex discrimination or harassment may do so by reporting the concern to the university’s Title IX Coordinator.

Please see https://manoa.hawaii.edu/titleix/ and the Title IX student brochure for further information.