Alumni meeting

Leadership & Purpose

COEAA has been established to:

  • Support the College of Education, its student organizations, faculty/staff, and programs;
  • Promote fellowship and loyalty between the College of Education and its alumni and former students;
  • Enhance the reputation of the College of Education through recognition of alumni accomplishments;
  • Promote the professional development of Association members;
  • Cooperate with the University of Hawai`i Alumni Association in fostering a spirit of fraternalism and loyalty among the graduates, former students, faculty, administration, and friends of the College of Education;
  • Serve as a resource to the College of Education, the Hawaii Department of Education, and other education entities in the state for developing policies and programs that are responsive to Hawaii’s education needs;
  • Engage in other activities that are consistent with the objectives of the Association.

Please join the COEAA and assist us in supporting the College of Education and teachers who are new to the teaching profession. We are working together to make a difference and would love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact board members with your questions and interests.


  • Dr. Helen Hasegawa, President
  • Jean Kiyabu, Vice President
  • Jan Ikeda, Secretary
  • Gwen Maeda, Treasurer
  • Kristen Brummel
  • Dr. Bebi Davis
  • Dr. Stephanie Furuta
  • Evelyn Hao
  • Michael Harano
  • Warren Kawano
  • Holly Kiyonaga
  • Sherilyn Lau
  • Dr. Vail Matsumoto
  • Dr. Karen Moriyama
  • Dean Nakamoto
  • Roberta Nakamoto
  • Charles Naumu
  • Ellen Schroeder
  • Dr. Steve Shiraki
  • Twylla-Dawn Steer
  • Charlotte Unni
  • Dr. Nathan Murata, Dean, COE
  • Mark Fukeda, Director of Development
  • Reid Kuioka, Academic Advisor, COE
  • Shelby Schwartz, CESA President
  • Mark McCormick, COEDSA Chair