The COE Senate Fellowship Committee is accepting nominations for this year’s COE Congress Awards. Please consider nominating a colleague to be recognized at our upcoming May 2023 COE Congress Meeting. Nominations* will be accepted until March 10th at 2:00pm.
*Since nominees are not expected to submit any materials, the committee encourages everyone to submit a nomination that is robust enough for our review and consideration.

Nomination Link:


(1) Exceptional Staff Service Award

Recognizes a staff member (e.g. fiscal, secretarial, clerical, custodial, grounds – includes APTs and RCUH) whose contributions promote an efficient, professional, and positive college environment and who demonstrates excellence in his/her area of responsibility.

(2) Exceptional Research Award *NOTE: The COE Senate approved the revision of this description, expanding the previously described education-focused Research Award to research involving all areas of expertise within the COE (rev. Feb 11, 2022).

Recognizes outstanding contributions, by an individual or team, to the knowledge base in their field of expertise within the COE through the production and application of peer reviewed research, including publications, presentations, or other research products.

Selection Criteria: (1) Significant contributions beyond the normal expectations of faculty and staff (2) Demonstrated contribution to knowledge in their field of expertise within the COE (3) Evidence may include, but is not limited to publications or other products of research projects, awards through professional organizations, and description of significance of work in nomination statement

(3) Innovation and Transformation Award

Recognizes creative contributions that lead to transformations in college infrastructure, faculty/staff/students, or programs that promote education, diversity, justice, or democracy.

(4) Leadership Service Award

Recognizes exceptional leadership, through commitment and contributions to the college and/or community, which moves education in positive directions.

(5) Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognizes an individual who, over the course of a career, has achieved significant outcomes in teaching, scholarship, and/or service.

Additional criterion: Nominee has not won this award previously and has at least 15 years employment with the COE.

Past recipients include: Bob Stodden (2005); Linda McCormick, Patricia Lopes, Steve Brown (2006); Stephanie Feeney (2008); Val Krohn-Ching (2009); Helen Slaughter (2010); Morris Lai (2011); Francis M. Pottenger, III (2012); Coop DeRenne (2013); Jean Johnson (2014); Kathleen Berg, Catherine Fulford, Joseph Zilliox (2015); Pauline Chinn (2016); Donna Grace, Donald Young (2017); Amelia Jenkins (2018); Curtis Ho (2020); MaryJo Noonan (2021).

If you have any questions about the nominations please contact Marie Guillermo at or Yoko Kitami

Would you like to serve on the Fellowship Sub-Committee to assist in reviewing nominations and selecting award winners?

All COE students, staff, and faculty are eligible, and students will receive a certificate of participation. If you are interested, please contact Marie Guillermo at by March 10th.

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