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Dunhuang Grottoes & Global Education: Philosophical, Spiritual, Scientific, and Aesthetic Insights is a unique and multidisciplinary book that integrates the Dunhuang Study with global education. It studies the emergence and development of Dunhuang’s education in the context of the fusion of four civilizations (Indian, Chinese, Islamic, and Christian) and the interactions of multiple cultures and nations over a thousand years. Based on the artifacts, the book makes a strong and clear case that fundamentally Dunhuang, its roots and significance, first and foremost, are education. The book examines Dunhuang through historical, philosophical, scientific, and aesthetic lenses. More importantly, it discusses the insights Dunhuang provides for contemporary education in terms of ethics, moral education, self-cultivation, multicultural education, STEM education, art and music education, basic education, naturalistic education, and life-long learning. The book emphasizes the human shared essence, connection, and purposes as the core and driving force of education and life.

About the Author
XU DI (许笛) is a professor and graduate chair in the UH Mānoa College of Education Department of Educational Foundations. She received her doctoral degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her recent publications focus on bridging Eastern and Western philosophy for educational practices. She is a Fulbright Educational Specialist who has worked as an international consultant in teacher education and educational reforms in China, Central Asia, and Africa for the World Bank.

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