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  • Seanyelle Yagi

    Assistant Specialist


    • Curriculum Research & Development Group


    • 2015 PhD Education: Curriculum & Instruction UHM
    • 1997 MEd Elementary Education UHM

    Area(s) of Interest

    • Formative Assessment
    • Elementary Mathematics Specialization
    • Mathematics education
    • Teacher Professional Development

    Brief Biography

    Seanyelle Yagi has spent 22 years holding various teaching and educational positions in the Hawaii Department of Education, including State Resource Teacher for Formative Instruction, mathematics coach at the elementary level and mathematics teacher at the middle school level. In 2015, she attained her PhD in education, and is interested in research, curriculum and professional development activities which are relevant for in-service educators.

    Contact Information

    Office Phone



    Wist Annex 1 102



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    Curriculum Vitae


    Scholarly Works

      Journal Articles

    • Yagi, S. L., & Olson, M. (2007). Math by the Month: Supermarket Math. Teaching Children Mathematics, 13:7, 376–377.
    • Conference Proceedings

    • Yagi, S. L. (2016). An Exploration of First Grade Studentsʻ Engagement in Mathematical Processes During Whole Group Discussions. In 38th Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education.
    • Presentations

    • Venenciano, L. C., Zenigami, F. K., & Yagi, S. L. (2017, April). Problems worth talking about, posing purposeful questions for class discourse. Presented at National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas.
    • Venenciano, L. C., Yagi, S. L., & Zenigami, F. K. (2017, April). Coaching novice teachers by promoting mathematics curriculum as a thinking tool. Presented at National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics annual conference, San Antonio, TX.
    • Venenciano, L. C., Zenigami, F. K., & Yagi, S. L. (2016, November). Transitioning from elementary to middle school, cultivating problem solvers. Presented at 2016 Math Summit, Honolulu, HI.
    • Yagi, S. L. (2016, July). An Exploration of First Grade Studentsʻ Engagement in Mathematical Processes During Whole Group Discussions. Presented at 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-13), Hamburg, Germany.
    • Yagi, S. L. (2016, January). First Grade Students’ Engagement in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice within a Mathematics Discourse Learning Community. Presented at 38th Annual Hawaiʻi Education Research Association Conference, Honolulu, HI.
    • Yagi, S. L. (2016, January). Interactions Driven by Multiple Goals in a Mathematics Classroom. Presented at 14th Annual Hawaiʻi International Conference on Education, Honolulu, HI.
    • Venenciano, L. C., Manes, M., & Yagi, S. L. (2016, January). Problem solving to develop teachers’ mathematical practice and raise awareness for teaching practice. Presented at The annual conference of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, Irvine, CA.
    • Yagi, S. L. (2016, February). Examining the Mathematical Discourse of a First Grade Learning Community. Presented at 43rd Annual Meeting of the Research Council on Mathematics Learning, Orlando, FL.
    • Yagi, S. L. (2015, December). Have a Mathematical Conversation with your Child. Presented at parent workshop, Puuhale Elementary School.
    • Yagi, S. L. (2014, January). Supporting English Language Learners in a Mathematics Classroom. Presented at Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity, part of the Link Educators Across the Pacific (LEAP) Presenter’s Panel, Honolulu, HI.