Candice Frontiera
Candice Frontiera

Candice Frontiera, College of Education Department of Learning Design and Technology (LTEC) alumna, was selected by the American Educational Research Association (AERA) for a 2019 Division H Outstanding Publication Award in the Category for Outstanding Dissertation. Frontiera, who earned a Master of Education in Teaching (MEdT), recently completed her PhD in LTEC. She was recognized for her dissertation research on April 8, 2019 during AERA’s conference in Toronto.

“Winning this award was truly an honor because it gave me the opportunity to travel to AERA and meet my role models in the field of educational research,” Frontiera said. “The COE has stretched me to learn new skills, connected me with a wonderful network of academic peers, and inspired me to present at conferences that I never would have thought to attend.”

Frontiera’s dissertation, A Mixed Methods Study of Principals’ Experience Using Data Analytic Tools in Hawai‘i, explores the potential benefits of the growing amount of educational data available for principals. This mixed methods study describes experiences of principals, who play a key role in deriving insight from data to inform school improvement, using data analysis tools in a K‒12 system.

Currently a School Renewal Specialist for the Hawai‘i Department of Education in the Kailua Kalāheo Complex Area, Frontiera provides training and technical assistance to schools related to curriculum, leadership development, data analysis, and systemic improvement. With plans for lifelong learning, she says she is looking forward to reading for pleasure now that her dissertation is done.

“It takes a village to make it through the dissertation journey,” she concluded. “I’m very grateful to my village of professors, fellow students, peer reviewers, and friends that kept me going along the way!”

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