Students and Staff from Bukkyo and COE

For the second year, teacher candidates from the College of Education (COE) School of Teacher Education (STE) participated in a field study in Kyoto, Japan. This new cohort of 15 graduate and undergraduate students from the elementary, secondary, and masters programs visited preschool, elementary, and middle schools; taught cultural lessons; and worked with Bukkyo University students and faculty.

As part of the international field study experience, the students enrolled in an Inquiry and Field Study of Japanese Education course led by Rosela Balinbin and Charlotte Frambaugh-Kritzer and assisted by Aaron Levine. Educational foundations doctoral candidate Chisato Nonaka, who is from Fukuoka, Japan, has continued to serve as the translator for the course and field study. Course fulfillments include academic presentations to Dean Young and to the COE faculty, alumni, and community. These highlight the students’ experiences and plans for application of their newly acquired research and strategies.

The COE and Bukkyo University have been collaborating through faculty exchange visits, conferences, and student visits since 2000 when they signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU). In February 2014, another group of Bukkyo students visited the COE and had the opportunity to interact with the cohort of COE students who are now in Kyoto.

“What is unique about our course this year is that the participants are from various STE undergraduate and graduate programs,” Balinin said. “I am thrilled to have a recent graduate as well as Dr. Charlotte Frambaugh-Kritzer, both from STE secondary, join our team. Adam Tanare, STE technology specialist and student, has also been an integral part in developing the multiple technology resources used for this course.”

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