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A sense of purpose, a sense of place: Preparing knowledgeable, effective, and caring educators to contribute to a just, diverse, and democratic society.

The vision of the College of Education is to work as a community of educators who provide innovative research, teaching, and leadership in an effort to further the field of education and prepare professionals to contribute to a just, diverse, and democratic society. Our vision guides the direction and work of the college in and beyond Hawai‘i and is informed by a sense of purpose and a sense of place. The college recognizes its responsibility to enhance the well-being of the Native Hawaiian people, and others across the Pacific Basin, through education.


Preparing tomorrow’s teachers, educational leaders, researchers, exercise and health professionals

Our vision guides the direction and work of the College in and beyond Hawai‘i and is informed by a sense of purpose and a sense of place. To achieve this vision, the College of Education

has as its mission to work as a diverse, just, and democratic community in three areas:

  • Teaching–prepare new educational professionals and provide on-going professional development in education.
  • Research–increase the knowledge base in education and related fields through the production and application of educational research.
  • Service–serve as partners and leaders for excellence in education.


Welcome to the College of Education (COE) at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa situated in the beautiful Mānoa Valley on the island of O‛ahu. As a land-grant institution, the university is committed to improving education in Hawai‛i, preschool through graduate school. The college is vibrant, unique, and serves not only the state of Hawai‛i, but a regional and global market. Ours is a diverse and robust college providing educational research, policy studies, curriculum development, professional development, allied health care, educational services, and teacher and educational leader preparation programs.

The COE features eight academic departmentsCurriculum Studies, Educational Administration, Educational Foundations, Educational Psychology, Institute for Teacher Education (Elementary, Secondary, and MEdT), Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science, Learning Design and Technology, and Special Education – and two major research units – the Center on Disability Studies and Curriculum Research & Development Group. Housed within these departments and units are three undergraduate degree programs with multiple tracks or majors, two post-baccalaureate certificates, eight graduate certificates, 12 master’s degrees and nine doctoral specializations with more than 700 degrees awarded annually.

Both our undergraduate and graduate programs are ranked nationally, and the educational opportunities we provide are driven by the fundamental belief that all children deserve a high-quality education taught by highly qualified teachers. We also nurture the concept of being consummate human services professionals whereby the knowledge, skills, and dispositions learned will impact not only schools, but also communities, organizations, businesses, and private sectors. With a multitude of exceptional educational opportunities, the COE offers a variety of delivery options through distance education, online or hybrid, or on-campus instruction.

Our college’s rich history and values are manifested in preparing educators and professionals at all levels to contribute to a just, diverse, and democratic society while developing a sense of purpose and sense of place. These values are instilled within a Hawaiian culture and place of learning. It is with great humility, pleasure, and honor that I serve as Dean of the College of Education, and I welcome you to visit with us. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children and our future leaders.

Join us as a student at the COE! We are ready to answer your questions!

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