COE Alumni Association

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President's Message:


Alumni Associations across the nation share similar goals for their universities and similar quests for what it would take to 1) build their membership, 2) publicize their activities, 3) support the education community through mentoring and professional development, and 4) connect alumni to the university community. During the next two years, as President of the College of Education Alumni Association (COEAA), I would like to work with you and our sister/brother chapters toward those goals.  A major stumbling block in the process has been to determine what will make our chapter relevant, a magnet that draws together individuals who value and share the commitment of supporting our community and meeting the needs of our students and the needs of all who can provide a positive influence on educational outcomes.  I invite you to join COEAA and work with us to define what needs to be done to make a difference.  We need you, your knowledge, past experiences, skills, and recommendations on what we can do to strengthen our services to our membership and to the University of Hawaii.

Ways to Join

It has been a privilege to serve on the COEAA Board for the last four years.  The Board has worked tirelessly to support aspiring teachers, new teacher graduates, school administrators, and retired educators to promote quality education in the State of Hawaii.  The COEAA Board partners with the College of Education and its student organizations (CESA and COEDSA) on joint projects to support the education community and build a culture of learning.  Also, the Board is working towards strengthening its partnership with UHAA chapters in supporting UH alumni activities.  Please join us, work with us, and help us make a difference. 

I look forward to welcoming you to COEAA!

Kathleen Nishimura
COEAA President

To catch up on some of our recent activity, visit our photo album on the College of Education Facebook page.