Measuring Our Success

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At the College of Education, we believe that the success of our students and alumni is a measure of our success as a college.  We survey our doctoral and master's students, mentor teachers, student teachers, and the employers of our graduates in order to gain valuable information about our programs and student learning outcomes. This evaluation process ensures that we continually provide our students with the highest quality education programs. By sharing this information publicly, we are assisting current and prospective students in making informed decisions about where to pursue their higher education.

Here are survey results from our teacher education programs (students, mentor teachers and employers):



We are very proud of what our COE Alumni have to say about their experience here.    

The links below provide detailed data on students’ and mentor teachers’ perceptions of the effectiveness of the programs at the College of Education.

Doctoral Ratings Master's Ratings
mentor's Ratings student Teacher's Ratings

The goal of the College of Education is to prepare educators who are knowledgeable, effective, and caring professionals.  We are committed to the assessment of our academic programs in order to continually improve student learning and to meet professional education standards.  Program assessment is an ongoing process designed to monitor and improve student learning at the program (e.g., degree) level.  Every semester, our programs assess students’ knowledge, skills, and dispositions through established key program assessments.  You can also view results of student performance on key assessments for a specific program.  Aggregate data are not available for programs with very low enrollments; therefore, those programs are not included in the list of specific programs.  On June 18, 2013 the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) released its report titled Teacher Prep Review rating teacher preparation programs nationwide. Please read Dean Emeritus Donald B. Young's response to their report to learn more.

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