Association for Educational Communications & Technology (AECT-HI)

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hui (hu ee): to join; meet; unite; form a club; partnership; union

Our Hui is an organization of Learning Design & Technology (formerly Educational Technology) faculty, alumni, and graduate students at the University of Hawaii. The Hui was established to provide graduate students in the Learning Design & Technology Department at the University of Hawaii at Manoa with professional, social and cultural support, a forum for discussion about student issues, and official representation to the UH Graduate Student Organization. It also serves to provide alumni the opportunity to stay in touch with the department.

Joining is free and open to LTEC (formerly ETEC) students, alumni, faculty, staff   and interested community members.








For many years, the LTEC department has had a Hui to bring together students, faculty and alumni. Beginning in fall 2011, the Hui became AECT-HI and formally affiliated with our national professional organization, the Association for Educational Communications and Technology.

AECT-HI conducts a variety of professional and social activities among graduate students, faculty and alumni. Among these activities include orientations for new students every Fall semester, graduation party every Spring semester, workshops on professional development and a wide range of social outings and get-togethers.

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AECT-HI membership is open to all graduate students in the Learning Design & Technology department and alumni. If you have any questions, please contact

DISCLAIMER: Although AECT-HI is a Registered Independent Organization of the University of Hawaii that has members who are University of Hawaii students and faculty, AECT-HI is independent of the University and does not represent the views of the University. AECT-HI is responsible for its own contracts, acts, or omissions.